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Two shavers one plastic airbag is a performance of experimental music made for TASK project @ Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. It is research that is exploring mediums of a plastic bag, air, and shavers in order to emphasize the musical properties of these everyday materials. Shaver's were chosen by harmonical compatibility in order to produce the consonant overtone sounds. There were few experiments done before that included other mediums like a hairdryer and the human mouth (its shown in a video below). The idea for exploring everyday materials like a plastic bag started after reading De Certeau "The practice of everyday life" which gave me the possibility to see surrounding life from a new perspective. For me and my community, the problem with plastic bag usage and disposal is something that we try to manage. 

Year: 2018.

Mediums: Two shavers (harmonization compatibility), plastic bag, air from the lungs.

Length: 5:11 min.

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