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Surface is a multimedia performance based on exploring the connection between light, sound, movement, and dance. Shaped around the laser harp instrument, the performance itself covers the coexistence of technology and man through a cybernetic approach. Generated by movement and dance, the images of sound and light break forth with the common expression of the laser grid surface. A glimpse into the depth through the waves is the basic premise of this performance.

The laser harp is the main axes of this performance as a mediator between the movement and the sound, as well as the movement and the projections. Performers create different ambients, which are followed by different sound presets. Through the laser grid; sound and visual effects of the lasers are triggered not only by performers but also by smoke and airy cloth that performers add to the frame of the harp during the performance. Other than this role of the cloth, it is also a panel for the back projection, which gains its 3D shape by adding more clothes to the frame. Apart from implying the surface as a phenomenon that separates space below (behind) from the space above (in front), the name Surface relates to the geometrical inspiration in the square, the main measurement unit for the surface.

Performers: Tanja Puklek and Filip Borelli

Laser harp design: Leo Bettinelli

Sound design: Leo Bettinelli and Filip Borelli

Choreography: Tanja Puklek and Filip Borelli

Costumography & scenography: Tanja Puklek and Filip Borelli

Duration: 40 min


The production of performance is supported by Croatian Ministry of Culture, Kultura Nova Foundation, City of Zagreba, Subscena & Cirkorama

by Filip Borelli
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