Visualizing the sound of the underground coal mines where the high concentration of methane gas can be found, the installation uses the physical phenomenon of standing waves to describe these closed spaces. The work consists of five kinetic, light sculptures that act as Davys mining lamps, representing each continent and raising the question of underground conditions on the surface of the earth.

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The interactivity of the M ​​Series emphasizes the importance of human impact on the environment by placing action as the main cause of motion in space. Looking at the context of everyday life, the consequence of human actions can be manifested through the representation of microplastics in the waters of the world.

It is the letter M that symbolizes the idea of ​​the multiverse as a possible explanation of temporal-spatial relationships in which the observer creates reality by making actions.

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The experiment that shaped work called "Plasticophone" in which the shavers vibration is amplified by the resonance of plastic airbag. The musical properties of the experiment can be found in the overtone spectrum which is determined by the harmonical compatibility of shavers. Every day objects with music properties

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An experiment that evolved into a performance "Two shavers and one plastic airbag".

By using everyday objects in my personal surroundings I wanted to emphasize the importance of human action as a frequency response to contemporary environmental situations.  Musical experimentation in which the harmonical values are found in the communication between body and objects is directed toward the exploration of overtone properties.

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Short experimental video on personal spine problems in the lumbar area (L5S1) caused by bad sitting habits and poor exercise. 

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MRI scan of my spine. There is deformation in the L5S1 section for which I was advised to go on surgery but luckily I was able to solve the problem with exercise, discipline, and meditation. It seems that the problem started long ago with bad sitting habits and lack of knowledge.

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