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#interactive  #kinetic  #light  #uvart  #sculpture  #physics    #blackhole  #universe

Invisible beauty is a visual performance of an interactive ultraviolet kinetic sculpture on the natural laws of physics. The main component of this artwork is a mobile, tangible and modifying 3D object as an art installation. The model is constituted of different length fluorescent strings that are attached to the rotating fan propeller. When activated, the sculpture imitates interactions of natural law forces which is accompanied by authentic ambient music. The performance is moderated by the author who, during the performance, adds strings and modifies the rotational speed. By doing so, it is demonstrated how the system adjusts itself to new conditions during the process of balance attainment. Once the balance is established, the audience is invited to interfere in the constellation of natural forces to form an impact on the process of the creation of fractal and sacred geometry shapes. Furthermore, the audience is invited to take part in building a new version of rotating shapes by adding new elements, both balls, and strings. Thus, as a harmonious visual and physical performance, this project is also a social experience that provides a chance for the audience to become a part of creating a new sculpture.

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